As we all know is Nintendo planning to release a gaming app about their beloved Super Mario soon for iPhone and iPad first, Android devices will follow afterwards. As it looks by now Mario will run automatically and you have to control by tapping when he jumps. Of course this seems to be a bit boring but with the amazing level designs Nintendo is always pulling out it will be great fun for sure. Remember this is Nintendo. They know better than nobody else how to create fun games for people like us. It will be an addicting game for everyone so be aware of that. The game can be downloaded for free, so it is obvious to find a few in-app purchases in it. You can buy items which give you an incredible advantage through the game. But remember that you have to pay for those items. To get players what they want without them spending any money we have created a Super Mario Run Hack apk which allows you to get the valuable items for free. Just use our Hack and the items will be added to your account immediately. It can’t be any easier to get your items for free fro Super Mario Run.


That’s how you use our Hack

  1. Enter your Username for Super Mario Run
  2. Decide how many items you want to receive
  3. Press on the button “Generate”
  4. Complete a Survey to unlock your items
  5. Enjoy the games with unlimited items!


And that’s it! That’s all you have to do to get items without even spending a single Cent. Right after you have used our Hack successfully the items should appear on your account. Sometimes it can take a few minutes though until your items arrive, so just stay patient. We can offer you the best way to use Super Mario Run Cheats on your mobile phone or PC. 


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There are a few tips which will definitely help you out through the game. By adapting the way you are playing you will experience less failure and more success. But to get to this point can the very tricky. There are either people who will find it out by themselves or people who need tips from friends or even strangers. For sure the internet is always a good place to find tips for a certain game. For any game you could think of there are plenty of people talking about every single detail. So you don’t have to worry about not finding what you really need.